Patriot Training And Consulting Concealed Carry Training

About Us

Welcome and thank you for considering us for your personal defense, concealed carry handgun (CCH / CCW), firearms training, defensive and tactical shotgun training, and security consulting needs. PatriotTAC is a well-versed training and solutions provider. We offer a diverse selection of training with respect to firearms, concealed carry training (CCW), personal defense, home and business protection, security consulting, crime prevention, counter and antiterrorism, active-shooter response, homeland security training, and a lot more. For the best training, you want Patriot Training and Consulting, LLC.


PatriotTAC offers a full spectrum of training, from basic awareness and proficiency courses to in-depth, advanced tactical applications. We offer N.C. DoJ and nationally certified training courses as well as customized training in personal protection, home defense, and law enforcement training. PatriotTAC teaches concealed carry handgun classes, family, residential, and business security training for the real world. We teach firearms safety, victim avoidance seminars, pistol / handgun, rifle, and shotgun classes, carbine / patrol rifle shooting and tactics for law enforcement, and active shooter and bomb threat response courses just to name a few.

Our certified instructors are steadfast in their commitment to providing the absolute highest quality instruction and the best concealed carry class you’ll find anywhere, while maintaining competitive pricing. With the understanding that people generally learn best from one of the three major learning styles (visual, auditory, or kinesthetic), our instructors cater to all three learning styles simultaneously by incorporating the most modern, comprehensive techniques to facilitate high impact, positive learning in our CCW class and all of our additional courses. Perhaps this is why we have been rated as providing the Number One Concealed Carry class in NC.

Patriot Training And Consulting Concealed Carry Training

Our Background and Experience

While our Veteran-owned, small business was officially formed in 2011, the owner conceptualized its framing more than twenty years ago while serving on active duty in the U.S. Marine Corps. As a Marine Infantryman, and later as a Federal Law Enforcement Agent, the founder was first certified to teach tactical weapons training to military and law enforcement units in 1988. With a passion for both weapons employment and instructor billets, our founder decided to open the business which is commonly referred to as PatriotTAC. All of our instructors possess recent real-world experience in either military or law enforcement service, or both.  While the business has grown some in the last few years, the owner still enjoys teaching regularly and remains committed to the very ethos which caused the formation of our business; great training and gear at the best prices possible.

Patriot Training and Consulting is based in Jacksonville, North Carolina; home to Marine Corps Base Camp LeJeune and Marine Corps Air Station New River, N.C. We schedule training events in numerous locations around Onslow County and Eastern North Carolina. PatriotTAC also employs mobile training teams who can travel to your location to provide training and security consulting.

Patriot Training and Consulting instructors provide training to military, law enforcement, and DoD contracted professionals, as well as those seeking to safeguard their families, homes, businesses, and themselves from crime and or terrorism. PatriotTAC Instructors for CCW are selected based on their knowledge and experiences carrying concealed, paired with their ability to clearly communicate, answer questions, and provide the most accurate and applicable informationWe also sell a select choice of retail items such as optics, sights, night vision devices, holsters and more. We even sell G Code holsters including the Haley INCOG.

PatriotTAC is always interested in teaming up with local businesses, range owners, other training companies, individuals, or firearms sales professionals interested in hosting courses for concealed carry, defensive handgun, shotgun or carbine courses, personal or corporate security, or emergency preparedness training. 

If you would like to host a training course, we can assemble a mobile training team to meet your needs.