Choosing the Right Ammunition Unlocking Performance and Confidence in Your Firearm

At Patriot Training and Consulting, we believe in providing valuable information to help gun owners make informed decisions about their firearms. When it comes to ammunition selection, there are important factors to consider.

During the initial break-in period of your firearm, using inexpensive loads can save you money. However, it’s crucial to keep in mind that full-metal-jacket (FMJ) ammo tends to feed more reliably than hollowpoint ammo, which can occasionally hang up on the feed ramp. Testing your premium ammunition is still necessary. To ensure optimal performance, we recommend vigorously working the slide between each magazine and during cleaning. If you experience issues after firing 200 rounds, continue shooting another 200 rounds. If mis-feeds persist after firing a total of 400 rounds, it’s advisable to contact the company for assistance. Only when your gun functions flawlessly should you sacrifice a box of premium ammo to ensure flawless functionality and zero the sights.

Now, you might be wondering why premium ammo is more expensive compared to cheaper alternatives. The truth is, the expensive stuff offers significant advantages. It is typically more accurate, reliable, and capable of expanding to twice its diameter, delivering maximum stopping power. Moreover, premium ammo is designed not to break when encountering thick clothing or heavy bone. It also reduces the risk of over-penetration, minimizing the chance of injuring innocent bystanders in case of a pass-through. These benefits are not mere marketing claims but have been proven through ballistical gel tests and real-world data. Ethical hunters can vouch for the effectiveness of premium ammo based on their first-hand experiences. As U.S. citizens, we are not bound by the Geneva Convention, which mandated FMJ ammo due to its tendency to wound rather than kill. Therefore, it is strongly advised to avoid FMJ ammo. If you’re looking to cut costs, it’s better to save on gasoline for your car rather than compromise on the quality of bullets for your firearm.

It’s essential to understand that handgun rounds do not generate the same destructive shockwaves as high-velocity rifle rounds when they strike a living target. While individuals can survive gunshot wounds from handguns, shots from deer rifles can be far more devastating. For instance, a .45-caliber FMJ bullet traveling at 850 feet per second, commonly found in cheaper target rounds, tends to create relatively clean wounds with a diameter of .45 inches.

On the other hand, premium hollowpoint ammunition features a frontal cavity that expands uniformly upon impact, causing the bullet to mushroom to nearly twice its original diameter. This means it has a significantly higher chance of hitting major organs and creates a wider wound channel. Due to its expansion, it also decelerates more rapidly within the target, resulting in greater shockwaves and a larger path of destruction.

Most premium rounds are loaded with higher velocities, indicated by the term “Plus P.” This means they contain additional powder, translating to increased velocity and energy. If you and your pistol can handle it, opting for such ammunition is recommended. Additionally, hollowpoint bullets have the advantage of not penetrating as deeply as FMJs, which can pass through targets and walls, potentially harming bystanders.

Lastly, premium bullets are manufactured with precision, ensuring consistent seating depth, powder charge, and high-quality, waterproofed primers. This level of quality translates to greater accuracy and consistency.

However, all the aforementioned benefits are irrelevant if the ammunition doesn’t function properly in your specific firearm. If you experience frequent jams with ultra-premium ammo (more than two jams per 25 rounds), it’s advisable to return the second box to the place of purchase and try a different brand or bullet tip design. Generally, flatter tip designs are more prone to jamming.

Once you find a load that functions flawlessly every time, it’s crucial to adjust your sights accordingly. While your practice rounds may have slightly different impact points, it is not a significant concern. The key is to zero your sights with your premium defensive rounds. Aligning your sights to your chosen premium ammunition ensures that your shots will accurately hit your intended point of aim when it matters most.

At Patriot Training and Consulting, we prioritize your safety and aim to provide you with the knowledge needed to make informed decisions. Remember, choosing the right ammunition for your firearm is crucial for both reliable performance and effective self-defense.

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