Employers face security risks every day from both internal and external factors. These factors may be physical security, information security, or intellectual property security risks.

In both the public and the private sectors, today’s workplace presents some very real and dangerous threats. One of today’s biggest concerns is the risk of insider threats. From employee terminations, to domestic violence issues at the workplace, to armed robberies, business owners must incorporate physical security, policies, and mitigation measures to protect employees, customers, and assets.

Businesses can draw upon the lessons learned from past and recent tragedies to enhance their security today. PatriotTAC can assist you with the development and implementation of plans, policies, and procedures in a comprehensive risk management plan.

Making corrections from past failures is important; however, it is more cost effective to foresee the risk and have policies in place to prevent them from happening in the first place. Many companies are facing a privacy dilemma while striving to meet the needs of loyal customers for customer service and their employees need to get their work done while maintaining a safe environment for everyone.

Organizations need to find a process that allows security professionals to maintain a positive environment. At the same time, they must limit access to personal information without affecting service or productivity. Patriot Training and Consulting has the subject matter experts available to develop a program based on your current situation to deliver that balance.

Patriot Training and Consulting, LLC Security Consulting brings professional security consultants to your door. We offer security consulting services ranging from physical security and crime prevention assessments, policy development, business continuity strategies, and more. Our team of security experts assists clients in determining, preparing for, and properly responding to potential threats. Our consulting teams can assist you in mitigating security risks so you can focus on your routine.

The security decisions that a business or homeowner makes today, determine their security for years to come. Patriot Training and Consulting can ensure a realistic approach that is based on industry best practices as well as real-world experience.

We offer a wide array of consulting services to meet nearly any security need!

Top Concealed Carry Classes In North Carolina
  • Crime Prevention Surveys

  • Emergency Preparedness
  • Church Security
  • Consulting
  • Vulnerability Assessments
  • Residential and Commercial Security Surveys
  • Physical Security Surveys
  • Church Security Planning
  • First-Responder Security

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“Patriot Training and Consulting conducted a complete assessment of our security posture. They pointed out risks we hadn’t even thought of.”
Jerry R.
Small Business Owner, Greenville, NC

“The PatriotTAC team was spot on in their risk assessment and overall evaluation. The resulting security and protection plan was exactly what we needed to protect our employees, customers, and business assets.”
R. Gibbens
Wilmington, NC

We offer the top concealed carry classes in North Carolina!

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