Half Day Handgun Fundamentals Class (HFC)

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Our Handgun Fundamentals Class (HFC) provides hands-on training and the basic knowledge necessary to safely handle, load, fire, and maintain most types of revolvers and semi-automatic pistols. A combination of classroom and range time offer you the opportunity to become comfortable with handguns in a casual, stress-free environment. ​

Participants learn the rules for safe firearms handling; pistol parts and operation; ammunition; shooting

fundamentals; cleaning the pistol; and continued opportunities for skill development. Students may also be introduced to training and using laser sights for personal and home defense.

Topics of this class include:
  • ​Responsible firearms ownership and applications of the handgun
  • Firearms safety for the home, workplace, and vehicle
  • Safety concerns and practices while training and while carrying a firearm
  • Safe use and handling of firearms
  • Locking devices and techniques for firearms to prevent unauthorized access
  • Potential dangers (penetration, ricochet, misidentification, accidental discharges, etc.)
  • Ready positions
  • Components and operation of modern pistols and revolvers
  • Types, components, and purposes of modern ammunition
  • Applicable laws relating to the possession, transportation, and storage of firearms
  • General guidelines on interstate travel with firearms
  • Administrative loading and unloading of semi-automatics and revolvers
  • Fundamentals of basic shooting techniques
  • Preventative maintenance

If you do not already have a handgun, or if you would like to learn about other handguns, arrangements can be made to rent one of ours. We have Ruger, Glock, Smith and Wesson, Walther, and other handguns.

This course may also meet and/or exceed the training requirements of some states to apply for concealed carry permits. Check with your state’s issuing agency for more details. Contact us for more information.