Introduction to Modern Shotguns

This class was specifically designed to introduce both new owners of modern shotguns, and anyone interested in learning about modern tactical and defensive shotguns to the various aspects of ownership and the operation of tactical type shotguns. A shotgun can do more harm than good if employed by an untrained person. Conversely, with proper training, the modern shotgun is arguably one of the most effective firearms in certain applications to include both sport and personal protection.

Certified instructors enable you to discern between fact and myths surrounding shotguns. As a participant, you will learn both the positive and negative points of using shotguns in real-world applications including home defense. We’ll even dispel some of the common fictitious myths surrounding shotguns and shotgun ammunition.

Topics include:
  • Safe Practices of Responsible Firearms Ownership and Use
  • General Firearms and Shotgun Specific Safety Considerations ​​
  • Safe Handling of Shotguns while Training with, Transporting and Carrying a Shotgun
  • Proper Shotgun Storage, Locking Devices, and Methods of Preventing Unauthorized Access to your Shotgun
  • Modern Shotgun Components and Operation – Proper Applications and Employment of modern Shotguns
  • Methods to Prevent Potential Dangers with Shotguns such as Ricochet, Over-Penetration, Negligent Discharge, etc.
  • Ammunition Types, Components, and Purposes of today’s Shotgun Ammunition
  • General Guidelines pertaining to Interstate Travel with Firearms
  • Legal Considerations of Possessing, Transporting, and Storage of Shotguns
  • Administrative Loading and Unloading of Shotguns
  • Ready Positions for Shotgun Shooting
  • Fundamentals of Basic Shotgun Shooting Techniques
  • Cleaning, Maintenance, Inspection, and Safe Storage of your Shotgun
  • Shotgun Accessories and Shooting Gear Selection

This class is presented in a professional, yet relaxed and casual manner by one of our SIG SAUER ACADEMY Certified Shotgun Instructors. Using both classroom and range instruction, students can expect to gain confidence and competence in the use of modern pump-action or semi-automatic shotguns.