5.11 Tactical 3.6 Med Kit Pouch


The 5.11 Tactical 3.6 Med Kit Pouch is designed to secure first aid supplies to your pack, battle belt, or vest using the web platform attachment system. The 5.11 Tactical 3.6 Med Kit Pouch has a first aid cross on the front for immediate…

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The Ready Use of a Blow-Out Kit
The 5.11 Tactical 3.6 Med Kit Pouch is designed to secure first aid supplies to a myriad of places.  Whether you mount one to your pack, battle belt, vest, plate carrier, go-bag, or in your vehicle, home, or office using the web platform attachment system. You never know when the availability of a medkit could save your life, or that of someone you care about. 
The 5.11 Tactical 3.6 Med Kit Pouch has a first-aid-cross on the front for immediate recognition. A hot pull tab allows for quick access with a zippered external opening and interior pocket organization. The 5.11 Tactical 3.6 Med Pouch provides you a place to store and organize your first aid / “blow out” kit and to see where critical items are located quickly.
The 3.6 Med Pouch can be attached to any web platform compatible pack, belt, vest, or other gear. With a little inovation you could mount one of these on an ATV / UTV, in your truck, or in a supply / storage area.
Smaller than an IFAK, this compact first aid kit was once considered a MUST for any operator, range personnel, law enforcement, or outdoorsman. However, as recent incidents have proven, individual first aid kits have been credited with saving lives.  *Great for putting together your own small kit for hiking, ATV-ing, hunting, camping, mountain biking, firearms training, or, sadly, the unexpected incident that has become all too common as of late. 
The 5.11 Tactical 3.6 Med Pouch uses the 5.11 Slickstick MOLLE attachment system that makes attachment of the Medical Pouch to packs or vests quick and easy.  The 5.11 Slickstick is compatible with standard web platform attachment systems, yet functions like none other. The 5.11 Slickstick slides through a UV-resistant ring making it easier to arrange and attach your pouches and other gear. Slickstick attaches like a normal web platform attachment, but it slides to make it easier. To remove an item, just pop the snap and pull the stick up.
  • Made from Nylon and TPU
  • External tourniquet pouch (tourniquet not included)
  • Hot pull for quick, one-handed access
  • Internal organization
  • Slick-sticks for easy on/off of pouch


In the News: “Individual First Aid Kits Save Lives in Louisiana”

Individual First Aid Kits (IFAK), also known as Improved First Aid Kits, are credited with saving lives at the recent theater shooting in Louisiana. The Lafayette, Louisiana, Police Chief said officers used IFAKs to stop the bleeding of multiple gunshot victims. The IFAKs were originally a military approach for immediate battlefield treatment of the wounded and were designed for self-use. Some law enforcement agencies give them to police officers to use on themselves if they are wounded with the understanding they can be used on victims of a traumatic event as well. This was the case in Lafayette. You can build your own smaller kit using the 5.11 Tactical 3.6 Med Kit Pouch.  Simply purchase a variety of bandaging materials, clotting agent or clotting agent impregnated dressings, gloves, a tourniquet, medical shears, and other items as you deem appropriate to build your own blow out kit / active shooter response kit.  Many law-abiding concealed carrying citizens have realized the importance of having some immediate means of self-aid / buddy aid should they be involved in such a deadly encounter. 

Some law enforcement agencies have begun cross training with EMS and/or incorporated the use of tactical medics. If medical training for police is the new norm to improve the survival chances of officers and the public, why don’t you have the same level of capabilities and mindset?

(Source: JEMS)


*The Med Kit Pouch is just that, a tactical medical pouch which you can fill with your medical supplies. Obviously at this price, the pouch does not come with any medical supplies.