NC Concealed Carry Handgun (CCH) Certification Course

NC Concealed Carry Handgun (CCH) Certification Course

Defensive Handgun 101 &102 Combined

Defensive Handgun 101 & 102 Combined

CMT Defensive Handgun 201 & 202 Combined

Patriot Tac / CMT Defensive Handgun 201 & 202 Combined

Benefit from decades of real-world knowledge, training, and formal education. Through this comprehensive Concealed Carry Handgun (CCH) training program, PatriotTAC’s CCH Course participants take their skills to a new level while becoming educated in the important legal aspects of concealed carry, use of deadly force, and a lot more.

Other Training Opportunities

We offer training courses in the following disciplines:

  • Tactical Shotgun
  • Tactical Handgun; Levels I, II, & III
  • Defensive Handgun, Shotgun, and Carbine Courses
  • Shooting On the Move
  • Multiple Target Engagement
  • One Handed and Support Side Shooting
  • Personal Security Measures
  • Emergency Incident / First Responder Security
  • Crime Scene Security / Evidence Preservation
  • Using Force - Weighing the Options
  • Surviving An Active Shooter Event
  • Maryland Wear & Carry Permit Training
  • Real Estate Agent Safety and Self-Defense Courses
  • CCH Permit Holder Review Course: Legal Aspects and Use of Deadly Force
  • Terrorism and Domestic Terrorism Awareness and Prevention
  • Work Place Violence / Active Shooter Response Training
  • Identity Theft Prevention
  • Crime Prevention and Avoidance
  • Personal and Family Emergency Preparedness
  • Emergency First Aid for Gunshot Wounds
  • CPR / AED Certification Courses
  • Advanced Concealed Carry Shooting Courses

PatriotTAC can also accommodate groups with individual training needs.
If you have a group that desires to train together, or requires special scheduling considerations due to operational commitments, contact us.
We’ll work with you to schedule any of the above courses, or we can tailor a course to meet your exact needs.

Patriot Training And Consulting

Patriot Training and Consulting, LLC reserves the right to refuse training to individuals or groups at our discretion. Additionally, legal documentation may be required for the use of Class III, SBR, and suppressors / silencers. If in doubt, please contact us prior to class registration.

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Full Spectrum Tactical & Firearms Safety Training

  • Women Only Courses
  • NRA Protection Courses
  • Tactical Home Defense Courses
  • Tactical Handgun Levels
  • NC Concealed Carry Handgun Class
  • Advanced Concealed Carry Courses
  • Vulnerability Assessments / Security Surveys
  • Custom tailored courses available
  • DOD, NRA & Dept. of Justice certified instructor
Best Conceal Carry Classes In NC